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10 Hot & Profitable Offline Niches

1. Pediatrician
2. Personal Injury Lawyer
3. Bankruptcy Lawyer
4. Pest Control
5. Painting Contractor

6. Physical Therapist
7. Insurance Agency
8. Bookkeeper
9. Electrician
10. Dermatologist

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Businesses Love Whiteboard Videos

dawnDear fellow offline marketers,

I’m BinhMinh and you can call me Dawn. For the past few years, I’ve been working with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries around the world, helping them to enhance their online presence and attract potential customers with SEO, social media, mobile marketing, and mostly, video marketing.

Since video marketing became popular, it has never lose its effectiveness in marketing campaigns.

People are watching videos more and more these days. So if you’re into offline marketing, video must be an integral part.

When it comes to video, you know, there are numerous types, and type of your video matters.

Nowadays, customers are much more critical than before and they can stop watching your video within a few seconds if you can’t show them something attractive.

Whiteboard video is what I choose in all of my clients’ video marketing campaigns. And they love it!

Why Whiteboard Videos?

Researches show that whiteboard video has the ability to gain attention, encourage viewer engagement and recall information, better than any other type of video...

... just because people love to see things being drawn.

(You know, drawing is one of the earliest and most efficient form of communicating visual ideas throughout humans history).

So whiteboard video is one of the most effective video marketing forms.

But is creating whiteboard video easy?

As an experienced whiteboard video producer, I'm sorry to say NO...

With the help of powerful softwares, it’s simple to create a whiteboard video.

But creating a high-converting whiteboard video that STANDS OUT is hard!

Yes, it’s really hard!

You will need good video scripts, loads of good-looking artworks and special tricks andtechniques to work with the softwares.

The total costs to produce a single high-converting whiteboard video may be as high as $500 per minute, not including hours and hours of hard working.

It’s always a big investment of time and money for you, and the price you should charge will always go beyond advertising budget of almost offline businesses.

That’s why I’m here to present you a perfect solution!


Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune

Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune  is a mind-blowing package of 10 done-for-you whiteboard videos in 10 hot, profitable offline niches, plus 10 blackboard videos with the same content.

The videos are made with my special animation technique that is RARE in the market. Boring whiteboard videos are everywhere out there, but the animations you see below will satisfy even the most critical business owners.

You can put your name as video creator and sell these videos for offline businesses for at least $97 each. Offline businesses love whiteboard videos and Whiteboard Video Fortune provides you the best whiteboard videos.

Simple as that! You can be a professional whiteboard video creator right away with Whiteboard Video Fortune.

So what's blackboard video?

It's another type of whiteboard video, created by adding a blackboard as background and using white-outline images.

Well, blackboard video is a great alternative to whiteboard video. I've gotten many many customers with blackboard videos after they say "I already had someone else doing whiteboard video".

See in the slide below to compare whiteboard video and blackboard video.

  • Whiteboard Video

  • Blackboard Video

  • Whiteboard Video

  • Blackboard Video

Check Out Demos Of These Awesome Videos

Click on each image to preview the videos!

Preview The Blackboard Videos

Whiteboard Video Fortune RELOADED

Love it? But A Package Of 20 Videos Is NOT Enough!

To help you sell your videos and services even easier, I've included 10 service promotion videos (YES, NOT 1 BUT 10) customized to suit 10 types of businesses.

Now you may have a question...

How could I reach businesses to sell these videos?

I’m glad you asked!

I have 3 years of experience doing offline marketing. It isn't a long time but enough for me to know what works and what doesn’t, when dealing with local business.

So, along with the video package, you will get an exclusive report on how to build a real offline video marketing business from scratch.


In this small course, you will learn:

- How to edit and rebrand the videos
- 6 places to find local business
- 10 ways to approach business owners, get their attention and make your first sale in the next few hours
- How to maximizing your profits
- How to scale your business

You'll Get Everything You Need To Profit TODAY!

Personally, I really DON'T want you to think that "I can create these videos myself". As I said below, it's simple to create a whiteboard video, but HARD to create a whiteboard video that STANDS OUT!

Local business owners receive dozens of messages to sell internet marketing services every day and they are probably tired with common whiteboard videos.

You see, I've invested $1000's for the artworks and months of hard-working to create a package of 20 (Hmm... the number should be 30) stunning videos that offline businesses will LOVE.
Why? Because I have hundreds offline clients that loved my productions!

What I’m sharing with you is strictly available for you, right now!

Once you leave, the offer is off the table...

And so, if you in fact are ready to become a highly-paid offline video marketers, you’re going to have to act fast because this offer will be gone if you don’t take action.

Let's Sum Up Everything!

20 Stunning Offline Business Videos

10 Service Promotion Videos

Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune Course

Total Real Value

Value: $2,997

Value: $970

Value: $147


It’s just easy to see the potential. Assume each month, in each niche, you sell ONE video for $97, you’ll gross $970.

It’s the lowest goal you should set and the lowest price you should offer.

You can do it if:

- You’re a complete newbie
- You’re struggling to make money online
- You’re thinking of selling to local businesses, but don’t know what to sell
- You’re a full time marketer and want an easy system to increase your income
- Even if you’re a successful offline marketer, your current clients will appreciate that you offer them new value!

So, how much do you have to pay today?

Let me ask you a question.

How much are you willing to pay for something that takes thousands of dollars and months of hard-working to create; and can earn you extra $1000's a month?

If you didn't think of yet, I'll make it easy for you!

This CRAZY price is avalable HERE, for YOU, right NOW!

You can get everything listed below for...

Whiteboard Video Fortune RELOADED

Are You Ready

To Become A Highly-Paid Offline Video Marketer?

I’ve spent months creating a system that you can implement right now. I believe as long as you dare to take action and have 60 minutes a day, you’ll get great results. But I even want to take all the risks to my side. So...

You Have My 30-Day
Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

Within 30 days, if there is any issue with Whiteboard Video Fortune that we can't help you resolve, I will gladly give all of your money back.

Whiteboard Video Fortune RELOADED

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P.S. It’s not 1, but 10 whiteboard videos that you can EASILY sell for $200, $300 or $500 each, coming with a complete guide on how to build a local video marketing business. You can make serious money in the next 2 hours.

P.P.S. You’re risk-free in this purchase. Wouldn’t you like to give it a try? Hurry up! The price will go up fast.

Whiteboard Video Fortune RELOADED

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of license are you offering for these videos
A: Here's the license information

[YES] You can sell Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune for offline businesses
[YES] You can put your name as the creator of the videos
[YES] You can add the videos to your product to sell to offline businesses
[NO] You can resell to other marketers
[NO] You can transfer the rights of the videos
[NO] You can use the videos as bonus, unless it's for offline client

In short, Offline Whiteboard Video Fortune is intended to sell to offline business only.

Q: Why do I need 10 blackboard videos with the same content?
A: Blackboard video is similar to whiteboard video and it’s also high-converting. There are many ways to profit with these blackboard videos. You can use these blackboard videos to giveaway to clients that purchase whiteboard videos, or give your prospects one more choice. The chances to get paid will be higher. Plus, having 10 more videos in your portfolio will be better for your presence.

Q: Which software do you use to create these videos?
A: I use Sparkol Videoscribe to create all of these videos because it allows me to create multi-layered drawing animations. There are some more whiteboard video softwares but they can't do such animations so I mainly use Videoscribe.

Q: Can I edit the characters, add clients logo or contact right inside the videos?
A: Yes! You need to purchase the source files in the OTO offer for an additional small price. Then you can use Videoscribe to edit the videos. I've included a simple guide on how to edit the source files as well.

Q: Will the market get saturated
A: Never! There are thousands of businesses founded every day in each industry, and there are thousands of cities to target. You can even translate the videos to other language like Spanish, Italian to target these markets for a small investment. The potential market is HUGE!

Whiteboard Video Fortune RELOADED

Vu Binh Minh (Dawn)

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