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Dear Marketing Entrepreneur,

I'm Dawn Vu. For the past 6 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries around the world.

Basically, I generate phone calls for local businesses and they pay me for delivering those results.

And I do that by using high converting lead generation videos.

People are watching videos more and more these days. So if you’re wanting to deliver results for local businesses, video must be an integral part of that equation.

That said... it can't just be ANY video.

Customers today are much more critical than before and they have the attention span of a 2 year old.

Basically, you have to capture their attention with your video within a few seconds.

Whiteboard and blackboard video is what I use for all of my clients’ lead generation campaigns. And they love it!

Why Whiteboard Videos?

Research shows that whiteboard video grabs attention, encourages viewer engagement and allows consumers to recall information better than any other type of video...

... because people love to see things being drawn.

(You know, drawing is one of the earliest and most efficient forms of communicating visual ideas throughout history).

So whiteboard video is proven to be the highest converting direct sales tool on the planet.

But is creating a high converting whiteboard video easy?

As an experienced whiteboard video producer,
I'm sorry to say NO...

With the help of powerful softwares, it’s simple to create a whiteboard video.

But creating a high-converting whiteboard video that STANDS OUT is hard!

Yes, it’s really hard!

You will need good video scripts, loads of good-looking artworks and special tricks and techniques to make it all come together.

The total costs to produce a single high-converting whiteboard video may be as high as $2,000 per minute, not including hours and hours of hard work.

It’s requires a huge investment of time and money from you.

And most of local businesses will not pay you thousands for a video. It's way beyond their marketing budget.

That’s Why I’m Here to Present You with the Perfect Solution!


Whiteboard Video Fortune vol.2 is a mind-blowing package of 8 done-for-you whiteboard videos in 8 profitable offline niches that LOVE to buy leads.

I'm also giving you 8 blackboard videos with the same content.

The videos are made with my special animation technique that is RARE in the market.

But more importantly, these animations convert visitors into LIVE PHONE CALLS!

Boring whiteboard videos are everywhere out there, but the animations in these videos are captivating and practically FORCE the user to watch the entire video and TAKE ACTION!

So what's a blackboard video?

It's another type of whiteboard video, created by adding a blackboard as background and using white-outline images.

Well, blackboard video is a great alternative to whiteboard video. I've gotten many customers with blackboard videos after they said "I already have a whiteboard video".

See in the slide below to compare whiteboard video and blackboard video.

  • Whiteboard Video

  • Blackboard Video

Check Out Demos Of These Awesome Videos

(Click on each image to watch the video)

1. Dentist

3. HVAC Contractor

5. Plumbing Contractor

7. Chiropractor

2. Pediatric Dentist

4. Roofing Contractor

6. Carpet Cleaner

8. Massage Therapist

Preview A Sample Blackboard Video (Massage Therapist)

[OFFLINE] Whiteboard Video Fortune vol.2 - The Best DFY Video Package

Here's How You Can Make $$$ With These Lead Generation Videos.

  • You can sell the video individually to a local business for no less than $99. Remember, if they were to go have one made on their own, it's going to cost them at least $3500. I'd recommend you charge around $299 for the video.
  • You can structure a "hybrid pay per call agreement" where you charge less up front for the video, but they would pay you for each Phone Call generated. This would make more sense to charge $99 for the video and then $50 Per Call!
  • You can put together "video packages" where you upload and rank each video for a long tail keyword. We've done 5 and 10 video packages. Each video is a duplicate but it's optimized for one keyword. These packages sell for $499 up front for a 5 video package plus $299 / month.
  • You can set up equity deals where you basically give the video away to a business (after you have an agreement in place) in exchange for a cut of all the sales generated through the leads your video produces. I've found a 10% to 15% of gross sales agreement works well.
  • You can even do the "video rental" model. This is the same thing you've heard of with "rank and rent" for websites. But instead, you own the video, get it to rank and then forward all the calls generated from the video for a flat monthly fee. You can easily charge $99 per month for video rentals.

"That All Sounds Great... But How Do I Actually GET CLIENTS?"

I'm glad you asked that!
To add even more value for you, I've prepared a couple of special bonuses:

1. Service Promotional Videos

To help you sell your videos and lead generation services even easier, I've included 8 promotional videos (YES, NOT 1 BUT 8) that will help do the heavy lifting for you on the client acquisition side.

2. 'Your First Client' Guide

I have more than 6 years of experience selling to local businesses. I know what works and what doesn't work when dealing with local businesses.

So, along with the video package, you will get an exclusive report on how to build a real local video marketing business from scratch.

In this no fluff guide, you will learn:

- How to edit and rebrand the videos to maximize lead volume
- 6 places to find local business who are BEGGING for new leads.
- 10 ways to approach business owners, get their attention and make your first sale in the next few hours
- How to maximize your profits
- How to scale your business to six figures and beyond

Now You See How You Can Profit From These Videos

You're Probably Wondering What It's Going To Cost

Obviously I've shown you all the videos in my package, so you technically could go hire someone to create your own videos or try to do it yourself.

To get custom artworks and such stunning animation, you are going to pay at least $500 for each video. Remember, you get 8 whiteboard videos with Whiteboard Video Fortune vol.2

I'm not sure how good you are at math but not including the blackboard videos... that's literally $4,000 for 8 videos.

And that doesn't count an undefined amount of TIME you'd have to waste going back and forth with the software or the animator trying to 'convey your ideas'.

That is a complete TIME SUCK and it is NOT a fun process.

Remember, time is our most valuable asset in life because it is the only thing that doesn't replenish.

So I think you should use the little time you have available to instead use my videos and spend your time actually MAKING MONEY WITH THEM.

To make it a complete no-brainer...

Your investment today is just

[OFFLINE] Whiteboard Video Fortune vol.2 - The Best DFY Video Package

But There's One Very Important Thing You Need To Know...


I want to make sure these videos continue to produce results for those who buy them and their clients. Because of that, if I feel this product is reaching a point of "saturation", I reserve the right to remove the buy buttons at any time.

I'm totally confident in my product and I really appreciate that you're here, today. So I wanted to give you an easy decision.

Along with this crazy launch discount, I'm still willing to offer a guarantee just to make you confident with your purchase.

Within 30 days, if you have any issues with Whiteboard Video Fortune vol.2 that I can't help you resolve, I will gladly refund every single penny.

This is a completely risk free investment in your business that will help you get results as soon as you take action.

I'm Taking All The Risk Myself
What Are You Waiting For?

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[OFFLINE] Whiteboard Video Fortune vol.2 - The Best DFY Video Package

It's Dawn again and I want to say thank you to read this letter today. I can't wait to let you in and tell others about your success with Whiteboard Video Fortune vol.2!

Wish you all the best with your business!

P.s. Look, if all you do is taking IMMEDIATE action and sell just ONE video or sign an profit share agreement, it would pay 10 times for your investment.

But you MUST do the work.

Click that buy button and invest in your business, today!

[OFFLINE] Whiteboard Video Fortune vol.2 - The Best DFY Video Package

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